nothing can ever hurt me now
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Jenny. 21. Scotland.


*suddenly remembers all of life’s responsibilities on sunday night*

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Men in fitted suits are the actual one 😍

"You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you."

Tonight was rad as fuck.

Not even sorry for using the word rad.

I freaked the fuck out when I seen this, I absolutely need it for my collection, Santa love me 😫

It’s really comforting knowing I have friends that will be there no matter what time of day it is for a shoulder to cry on, I need to remember that when people are deliberately bulling me to make themselves feel something.

This has been a fucking awful day.

I’ve found out that my absolute favourite artist is touring again after seven years hiatus, I’ve been wanting to see him for honestly at least 8/9 years. The boy who introduced me to him was also a huge fan of him and is yet to see him too. The same boy recently move to Australia for a year, the exact place I know in my heart I need to be before I’m actually happy again. I realised that because he is in Australia, he is going to miss the tour which kicks off in October.. There is nobody else I wanted to go with more than him, we spoke about it for so long and got excited at even the thought and I’m going to have to go without him knowing he won’t see him. I was already missing him since he left, we were a strange friendship in all honesty but it feels like I’m going to lose him in Australia, I highly doubt he will return and in all honesty I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.. But the tour announcement made me break down in tears because I wanted to share the experience with him.

I’ve lay in bed for the best part of four hours, crying on and off thinking about the entire thing and then something else happens that just completely sends me off the fucking edge to the point I just want to crawl into a ball and cry for the rest of the week. I’m sick to death of being spoken to like a fucking idiot of certain people just because they are having a shit day. I’m not a fucking punching bag and I have them another chance to stop treating me like one, I won’t make that mistake anymore so I’m taking every bodies advice.

I want out of here so badly, I need to book a ticket and get the fuck away from all this fucking drama. I’m done with it all. I need to be in Australia. I need it so fucking badly.. I’m miserable here.

I swear to fucking god. Two months and I’m booking a fucking ticket.

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