nothing can ever hurt me now
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Jenny. 21. Scotland.

As the winter months are approaching I can already feel myself become distant, angry, grumpy and down.

I can’t even describe how low I feel these days, it’s only going to get worse.


if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done


my moms favorite pastime is to come into my room, insult all of my life choices, list everything i already know i need to do making me 10x more stressed about it than i was before, then leave my door open




When you’re watching a new episode of your favorite show and someone tries to get you to do something:


That is so accurate that’s it’s scary.

I keep logging on to delete my tumblr and then changing my mind. 

I’m honestly so fed up.

  -  26 August


I crave stability and madness at the same time and that’s probably why I’m fucked up.

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